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Supporting everyone affected by brain injury to live their best life

Brain Injury Association Wellington

We are passionate about equipping people to understand the effects of a head injury. We work with schools and prisons to teach people about the impacts of a brain injury. We can support and advocate for you as you work with health professionals and government services to gain the support you are entitled to. 

Making Contact

The best way to make contact, is to email us


You can ring us, but because we're often out in the community we can't always get to the phone, so please leave a message.
04 473 5004

Collecting Donations


Give a helping hand to someone with a
brain injury.

Holding Hands Up High

What we offer

Support, focus and drop-in groups. Education and advocacy. Private and confidential chats and advice.

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News and Calendar

What's happening, upcoming events and support group calendar

Our Sponsors

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