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What we offer  

Theater Group

Support Groups 

A great opportunity to meet with others who have experiences with brain injury.

What to expect.

A chance to discuss,

A chance to ask questions.

Our meetings are relaxed. 

From time to time we have

a speaker.

We always have morning tea. 

Come as you are.

All are welcome.

We run support groups in

Lower Hutt, Porirua. Kapiti, Wairarapa.

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Taking Orders

Drop by Groups  

A great chance to drop by and chat with others who have experiences with brain injury.

What to expect.

We meet in cafes and bars.

Come and go as you wish. 

There's no agenda or programme. We just chat, sometimes about brain injury, sometimes not. 

Our get-togethers are relaxed and

all are welcome.

We meet at The Old Bailey in Lambton Quay and Fig Tree Cafe in Upper Hutt. 

Find out more on our facebook page 

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Focus Groups  

We run 3 focus groups. 

Brain-Able Art

This group focuses on all things creative. 


Brewtown Bowling

A group for those who like to get out and have some fun. 

No 10-pin bowling talent required.

Carers group 

This group is for those who like to chat with

others on a similar journey.

You can attend these groups as often as you wish. All are welcome 

Find out more on our Facebook page.

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We can support and advocate for you as you work with health professionals and government services to gain the support you are entitled to. 

Businesswomen Walking in Hallway

A chat about
brain injury

A chance to talk about brain injury with our liaison officer.

Private and confidential chats with someone who understands brain injury and its impacts.


We are passionate about equipping people to understand the effects of a head injury. Our office is full of resources designed to help you build an understanding of the effects and some of the ways to manage a brain injury. We also work with schools and prisons to teach people about the impacts of a brain injury. 

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